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Precious & Semi-Precious Gemstones

Precious and semi-precious gemstones are loved by many people.  Most of us have a favourite.  Whether that is because of the colour, the sparkle or what it represents, we are drawn to their beauty and charm.  I have listed below the gems that I use within my jewellery and other items.  I have tried to provide you with a some details on each.  There is also a belief that some of these stones have healing powers.  I have mentioned a few.  Whether you believe in this element to the stones or not, I thought it was worth a mention and you can make your own mind up.  There is lots more information available out there on these incredible stones.  If this peaks your interest, please take some time to find out more about your chosen gemstone.    



Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstones.  Not only for it's beautiful purple colour (which is associated with royalty and prestige) but also because it is widely believed to have numerous healing properties for both the mind and body.  It is acknowledged that having a piece of Amethyst in your life will help in bringing about clarity of thought, inspire creative ideas, promote wealth, aid with fertility and help with a speedy recovery from ill health, to name but a few.

Colour - Purple

Birthstone - February

Country of OriginGreece, Italy, the Middle East, Brazil, Uruguay, and North Africa

Healing Properties -  Lungs, Spleen, Pancreas, Reproductive Organs, Promotes Fertility 

Emotional Properties - Aids clear thinking, creative ideas, calming, stress relieving


Pieces of Jewellery -  Frosted Cracked Agate & Amethyst Bracelet, Oval Framed Spiral Glass, Amethyst & Cat's Eye Necklace



Peridot, the 'feel good stone' has connections to the sun, meaning it helps to keep you on the sunny side of life. The Peridot crystal shines like a light beam of energy, a stone of happy, light-hearted vibes and the perfect companion to lead you on a path of sunshine

If you seek light and love in your life, then keep this cheerful and uplifting stone close by. The Peridot works to promote abundance, prosperity, and happiness.

Peridot was a favourite of Cleopatra, the legendary Queen of Egypt, who wore the stone for its beauty and to ward off evil spirits.

Created in a fiery pit of lava millions of years ago, the Peridot crystal gets its stunning olive to lime green colors from olivine, a type of mineral made up of iron, silicate, and magnesium.

Colour - Green

Birthstone - August

Country of Origin - Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan and Spain

Healing Properties -  Anti-depressant, Aching Muscles, Stomach & Digestive Issues, Menstrual Cramps

Emotional Properties - Opens the Heart & Mind, Promotes Confidence, Protection, Brings Luck



Citrine, named from the French word 'citron' meaning lemon because of it's beautiful, sunshine yellow hues, symbolises joy, abundance and transmutation.  It is known as 'The Merchant's Stone' as it brings prosperity.  It's said to be great for new business ventures to encourage the flow of money from new clients/customers in to the business.  It is also believed to help soak up negative energy and transform it into positive energy.

Colour - Yellow

Birthstone - November

Country of Origin - Brazil, Russia, Madagascar

Healing Properties -  Urinary Tract, Kidneys, Thyroid Gland, Gall Bladder, Fortify Nerves, Strengthen the Spine

Emotional Properties - Promotes Positivity, Harmony, Optimism, Balance, Helps Reenergise



Ancient civilisations regarded Aquamarine as a treasure belonging to the mythical mermaids of the deep, which is understandable when you see it's mysterious lustre and beauty.  There is a tropical and exotic feel to this stone, which makes it a perfect gift for anyone who loves to travel or has an affinity with water.  Aquamarine is associated with peace and tranquility.  If there are tensions in the air, Aquamarine can bring about a calming influence.  Useful for anyone trying to deal with grief or loss as it helps to calm your grief and defuse feelings of anger.

Colour - Pale Blue Green

Birthstone - March

Country of Origin - Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico and Russia

Healing Properties -  Sore Throats, Swollen Glands, Protects Pregnant Women, Boost Growth & Regulates Hormones 

Emotional Properties - Promotes Peace & Tranquility, Aids with Self Healing

Rainbow Moonstone.jpg

Rainbow Moonstone

Unlike other varieties of moonstone, that are mainly white or pale blue, Rainbow Moonstone has an iridescent, inner glow giving it an almost ethereal feel.

 It is said that wearing a necklace of moonstone when you are out in the dark will ensure that you can see any danger before it can see you.  It is also considered an excellent stone for protecting travellers.

Colour - Slightly Translucent White with Pearlescent Flecks

Birthstone - June

Country of Origin - Canada, Australia, India, Madagascar, Russia and Sri Lanka

Healing Properties - Enhances fertility, eases pregnancy and childbirth, Alleviates Menstrual & Menopausal Problems, Balances Hormones

Emotional Properties - Promotes Love, Happiness, Serenity, Good Fortune, Unselfishness

Pieces of Jewellery - Frosted Cracked Blue Agate & Rainbow Moonstone Bracelet



Labradorite has a hidden beauty.  At first glance it can look a little dull and grey but get closer and it flashes like caged lightning in a thunder cloud.  Labradorite is also known as the ‘Good Luck Stone’.  If you desire more abundance, good fortune and success in life, then having this crystal close by could help.  This stone can stimulate your imagination and relax an overactive mind. It’s the perfect stone to have on you when you want to feel both energised and soothed! 

Colour - Grey-White, Pale Green, Different Shades of Blue usually with Flecks of Gold and Iridescent Blue Flashes


Country of Origin - Canada, USA, Mexico, Madagascar, Finland, Greenland, Italy, Russia and Scandinavia

Healing Properties - Disorders of the Eyes and Brain, can relieve anxiety and Stress, Aids with Colds, Gout and Rheumatism, Lowers Blood Pressure

Emotional Properties -  Relieve Stress and Anxiety, Heightened Intuition, Diminishes Bad Habits, Thoughts & Feelings

Frosted Agate Group.jpg

Frosted Cracked



Agate is truly the most unique of all the semi-precious stones.  No two pieces of Agate – even if they're the same colour or cut from the same original rock – are never truly alike.  It is as special and individual as you are.  Owning a piece of jewellery made with Agate means that you have something that no other person in the world possesses.  The emotional & healing properties of Agate can vary depending on the colour, however, they can all help with achieving clarity of mind and allow you to follow the strength of your convictions.

Colour - Black, Yellow, Pink, Red, Grey, Purple, Green, Blue, White and Brown

Birthstone - September

Country of Origin - Global

Healing Properties - Uterus, Intestines and Stomach, Skin Problems such as Bites or Allergies

Emotional Properties - Clarity & Strength of mind, Prosperity, Happiness, Confidence and Enthusiasm

Pieces of Jewellery - Frosted Cracked Agate Drop Earrings - Lilac, Caged Agate & Flower Drop Earrings - Green, Caged Agate Bracelet - Blue

Cherry Quartz Group.jpg

Cherry Quartz


Quartz can be found in many different forms, the purest is Clear Quartz, which is also known as 'The Master Healer'.  Amethyst and Citrine are also types of Quartz.  Found all over the world, these stones have long been revered for their beauty, variety, useful transformative qualities and healing properties.  It is often used for its ability to amplify, focus, transform and store energy.  Because of these abilities, these crystals can be found in devices all around us - from memory chips, computers, electronic devices, receivers, transmitters, microphones and smartphones.  There's a good chance that you are not too far away from a piece of Quartz right now!

Colour - Clear (Pure Quartz), Purple (Amethyst), White (Milky Quartz), Black (Smoky Quartz), Pink (Rose/Cherry Quartz) and Yellow or Orange (Citrine)

Birthstone - April

Country of Origin - Global

Healing Properties - Teeth, Heart, Heartburn, Immune System, Kidneys, Pain Relief, Thyroid, Vitality, Vertigo

Emotional Properties - Helps relieve Stress & Tension, aids Memory, Healing & Positivity

Pieces of Jewellery - Cherry Butterfly Bracelet, Cherry Quartz & Butterfly Drop Earrings

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