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This brilliant little red car is great for any occasion.  Make up a message to put on the number plate. Brilliant for anyone who loves cars!


This card couldn't be easier to make.  Cut out the car and then fold in the middle.


Looks best when printed out on glossy paper/card.

Teeny Car Shaped Card - Red

  • File Type - PNG A4 300dpi

    Approx. size - H - 5¼” (13½cm) W - 6" (15cm)H - 5½” (14cm)   W - 5¼" (13½cm)

    Occasions - Birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Passing your Test, Get Well Soon, Leaving, Congratulations, New Car.

    Perfect for -  Men, Women, Kids, Car Enthusiasts

    No of Sheets - 1

    Items on Sheet - 2 x Large Teeny Cars reflected

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