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No need to try and pick a favourite from these adorable puppies as they are all here -  Brown Puppy, Black Patch Puppy and Brown Patch Puppy.  This is a whole range of different elements put together in a handy bundle for you.  Themed around Puppies/Dogs you will find everything you need to make great cards or to use in your paper projects.


Easy to download and print off.


Perfect for - Men, Women, Kids, Animal Lovers, Dog Lovers

Puppy Pack

  • File Type - PNGs A4 sheets 300dpi

    File Size - 406.8MB zipped

    Occasions - Birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Get Well Soon, New Dog, Congratulations, 

    Perfect for -  Men, Women, Kids, Dog Lovers, Animal Lovers

    No of Sheets - 21

    Items in Bundle - 3 x Puppy Shaped Cards (Brown, Black Patch & Brown Patch), 3 x Puppy Decoupage  (Brown, Black Patch & Brown Patch), 4 x Doggy themed Backing Papers (Bones, Paw Prints, Doggy Mix, Doggy Biscuits), 4 x Paw Print ABC Sheets (Blank, Blue, Yellow & Red), 3 x Borders & Corners (Paw Prints, 2 x Doggy Mix), 3 x Quick Cards  (Brown, Black Patch & Brown Patch), 1 x Bonus Topper (Kennel, Dog Bowls, Bones)

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